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We are the Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans (MBHV), a registered 501 (c) 3 non profit charity that receives donated funds to distribute here in Michigan to provide assistance to deserving families of the fallen and/or wounded service personnel, or Veterans in critical financial need.
Each year we raise thousands of dollars by having events such as rides and raffles, or by displaying our fund raising booth at fairs, festivals, and bike shows around the state, and use that money to help many Michigan Heroes in need.

All of our members are unpaid volunteers

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The Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans is a diverse group of individuals, with one thing in common: We all have a tremendous love and respect for our country and for those who risk their lives every day, whether on American soil or abroad, in securing our nation's freedoms and liberties. We encourage those who share this respect to join us in support of all those who have served and still are serving.

Many Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans members ride motorcycles but we are not a Motorcycle Club or a Ride Club, we are Patriots and many of our members drive cars and trucks. We welcome veterans and non veterans alike and we do not distinguish between the two. Our only requirement is a deep love for our country and respect and honor for those that served and those currently serving to protect the very freedoms we enjoy today.

The Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans will participate in activities that honor and show respect for all military members, both past and present, and their families,. This may include financial assistance for charitable reasons, gathering as a group at Patriotic events, or by providing an escort for appropriate Veteran causes.

We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. Our primary mission is to provide financial assistance to Heroes and their families in their time of need when other resources are not available in a timely manner.

This is accomplished by fund raising activities such as charity rides, rallies, events, and by soliciting corporate and or private donations.

If you know a Veteran in sudden financial need please use the contact form and we will try to help them.
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