If you are seeking help from the MBHV

Please download and print the MBHV Application. Fill it out COMPLETELY leaving no 
spaces empty. If it is not applicable to you please put a N/A in the blank.
Failure to do this will cause unnecessary delays.

Also include:
* A clear copy of your Honorable DD214. We cannot accept phone/camera pics of documentation.
If you are still on active duty, provide a form 23 or a signed Letter of Character from your Command.

* A letter of hardship explaining the circumstances that caused your hardship, and 
your plan to financially recover after any help.

* All current or overdue bills, estimates, and documentation to show your need.

* A copy of your Michigan Driver's License or State of Michigan ID.

Submit the required scanned documents to

mbhvrequests@gmail.com and jimmykmbhv@hotmail.com

We do not pay directly to any individual.

We offer a hand up. NOT a handout.
All requests, when accepted, will be reviewed by the Allocation Committee for validity 
and need. They may then request further information or documentation so please watch
your email. They will then pass it on to the Board of Directors along with their 
recommendations. The Board of Directors will discuss the request and then vote to 
approve or deny based on the info provided and if it fits our criteria.

We take helping the Michigan Veterans in need very seriously.
We can only help a limited number of those applying for help.

Only the best candidates for recovery after the assistance will be approved.
We are a small non-profit organization with limited funds so we have a limit on what we can pay.
Please submit your documentation as soon as possible. Good luck and thank you for your service!
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